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Solanum nigrum (Black Nightshade)Heliotropium europaeum (Common Heliotrope)Hypericum androsaemum (Tutsan)Opuntia robusta           (Wheel Cactus)Marrubium vulgare (Horehound)Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle)Tribulus sp. (Caltrop)Malva parviflora (Small-flowered Mallow)Carthamus lanatus (Saffron Thistle)Alternanthera pungens (Khaki Weed)Cichorium intybus (Chicory)Carduus pycnocephalus (Shore Thistle)Briza minor (Lesser Quaking Grass)Chondrilla juncea (Skeleton Weed)Briza maxima (Quaking Grass)Solanum sp. (Nightshade; seedlings)Conyza sp. (Fleabane) Dipsacus fullonum (Wild Teasel)Alstroemeria hybrid (Peruvian Lily)Malva parviflora (Small-flowered Mallow)


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Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Victorian Weeds Conference

The Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Victorian Weeds Conference, held in Creswick from the 6th - 9th June 2016, can be found at the links below.


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The Weed Society of Victoria Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you ever had a question about the Weed Society of Victoria?

Attached are some questions the Secretary is asked regularly.

Weed Societies: building better communications between weed stakeholders

This poster with invited paper was presented by WSV Secretary, Rebecca Grant, at the 19th Australasian Weeds Society held in Hobart, Tasmania 1-4th September 2014. The full paper will be made available on the Council of Auralasian Weed Societies (CAWS) website in the 19th AWC proceedings via 

Weedscene Archive - Updated (Really!!)

Weedscene, the newsletter of the Weed Society of Victoria, is available online through the Publications link of the Weed Society of Victoria website.

The Weedscene Archive has now been updated so that you can access editions of Weedscene up to Volume 22 Issue 3 (2011).


Contentious Perspectives on Weeds - A Report on the Seminar Presentations

by Adam Grubb (Director and Manager of Design & Education, Very Edible Gardens Pty Ltd)

The series of seminars to accompany the 45th annual meeting of the Weed Society of Victoria certainly lived up to the promise in the title, Contentious Perspectives on Weeds.

Plants of Importance to Australia - a checklist

Author or Editor: 
R C H Shepherd, R G Richardson and F J Richardson
RG & FJ Richardson
$33.00 plus postage
Other information: 
Compiled by R C H Shepherd, R G Richardson and F J Richardson for the Council of Australasian Weed Societies, with support from the Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. 58 pages, soft bound.
J T Swarbrick, Toowoomba


As Australian agricultural and environmental sciences continue to grow in importance and complexity, so does our need for reliable and up-to-date-reference books such as this recent checklist of the scientific and common names of Australian plants. It is one of those books that needs to be always at hand - an office essential to the working agriculturist, horticulturist, environmentalist and weed scientist.

Bush Invaders of South East Australia

Author or Editor: 
Adam Muyt
0 9587439 7 5
Other information: 
A guide to the identification and control of environmental weeds found in South-East Australia.
Ian Popay, Weedwise, 14 Dillon Place, Hamilton 2001, New Zealand


Australian Weed Management Systems

Author or Editor: 
Brian Sindel
No longer available
Other information: 
Soft cover, 506 pages
J T Swarbrick, Toowoomba


Until now weed science teaching in Australian colleges and universities has relied on overseas textbooks, mainly from the USA. Whilst the principles are undoubtedly the same our weeds are different, our ecosystems are different, and our approaches to weed management are different. The main educational objectives of the highly successful Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems were the production of a common syllabus for weed science and a supporting text book, and at last we have our own Australian text on this important topic.

Weed Society of Victoria publications

The Weed Society of Victoria publishes a regular newsletter Weedscene as well as a range of conference proceedings etc.  Original reviews of other relevant publications can be submitted to the Society's Web Editor.

Weed Society of Victoria publications

Weedscene Archive

The Weedscene archive now has a web page of its own

Proceedings for the Seminar - Weed Management - worth the investment?

Copies of the proceedings are available from the Secretary for $12.50

Proceedings of the Fourth Victorian Weeds Conference - Plants behaving badly - in agriculture and the environment

Proceedings of the conference are available from the Secretary.
As a pdf on CDs, $6.00 including postage.
Paper copies, $22.00 including postage.

Proceedings of the Second Weeds Conference - Smart weed control, managing for success

Proceedings of the Second Weeds Conference - Smart weed control, managing for success, held in Bendigo on 17 August 2005 are available from the Secretary for $25 including postage and packaging.

Proceedings of the 11th Australian Weeds Conference

Hard copy or CD-ROM
Hardcopy Price:
$60.00 plus $10.00 postage within Australia and $25.00 postage overseas airmail
You can email your order to WSV for immediate delivery
CD Price:
CD-ROM $60.00 plus $5.00 postage within Australia and overseas airmail.
30 September - 3 October 1996, University of Melbourne
WSV, PO Box 234, Batman, Victoria 3058

Limited quantities of the Proceedings of the 11th Australian Weeds Conference are available. This 597 page publication is packed with over 150 papers by authors from around Australian and overseas. Major topic areas were Cropping, Rangeland, Pasture, Urban and Public Lands and Forests. Presentations were also made by the CRC for Weed Management Systems on herbicide resistance, CRC for Tropical Pest Management on novel approaches to weed management. One session was devoted to an examination of the role of transgenic crops in weed control and their advantages and potential disadvantages.

This conference was organised and run by the Weed Science Society of Victoria on behalf of CAWSS and attended by about 350 delegates.